Dark Mode in Dashboard


It would be great to have a dark mode, for example automatic switching in the dashboard based on browser prefers-color-scheme query and a dedicated setting for TV mode.

Hey @ksa! It’s on our roadmap, so we’ll add a +1. Out of interest, what’s the main reason for wanting a dark mode - are you displaying Snapboard up on a wall?

Hi @calummoore, that’s great, thanks!

Right now my eyes hurt when coding a custom card, so I tend to write code in a code editor and copy. I also plan to display the board either on a TV or a Raspberry PI with a screen, where darker colour scheme will look great.

Hey @ksa we are working on this, along with quite a few other major changes. I’ll update as soon as it’s ready!

Would you be up for jumping on a quick 5 min call? I’d love to hear more what you’re using Snapboard for - and see how else I can make it better for you! Ping me at calum@snapboard.io, if you’re up for it.

Hi @calummoore that’s excellent news! Than you very much, sending you an email

Hey @ksa - I’m not sure I got an email from you… maybe it got lost somewhere in the internet!

Hi @calummoore
Weird, sent you a DM here!