Request an app or card integration ๐Ÿ™Œ

If youโ€™d like to request a new card or integration be added, this is the place to requests it. Weโ€™ll try and get all requests added within 48 hours.

It would be great if I could integrate my Trello boards and Github Issues

Hi @cosnavel :wave: - welcome to the Snapboard forum!

What would you like to see from your Trello boards? Overdue items, or maybe a list of items assigned to you?

The Items In the Today List assigned to me.

Would it also be possible to show stats from AppStore Connect ?

Hi @cosnavel - sorry for the delay! Iโ€™ve got the first few Github cards ready - if you need a different view, please let me know! :grinning:

Weโ€™ll get started on Trello and AppStore Connect now :tada:

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Could we have integrations with Google Search Console and Hubspot?

Hi @folgorix, sure we can take a look at those. What exactly would you like to see for each of those?

Hey @calummoore, Iโ€™d be very interested in using Snapboard if it supported MongoDB.

Hey - weโ€™re launching a bunch of updates tomorrow morning, so Iโ€™ll try and get MongoDB included in that release for you! :+1:

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Please, I need integration with Jira (Atlassian)

Hi Julianni :wave: - what things would you like to see from Jira?


Would be cool if Garmin Connect / Garmin Health was integrated. Maybe some stats or the last workouts.

Regards :slight_smile:

Here is some API-information.

Is there a way to add just website links/bookmarks on dashboard?

Hi sjoerd - weโ€™ve just received permission to use the Garmin API - so weโ€™ll be adding it shortly!

Not currently - but weโ€™ll be adding this very soon. Weโ€™ll update here once this is done!

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

Hey! This is so cool, thanks for working on this. FitnessAI is an iOS app that uses AI to train you at the gym. My analytics dashboard (currently on Retool) uses all of the following APIs. Im sure its a lot to add everything, but sales analytics is a huge problem for so many iOS developers and adding these integrations would most definitely set snapboard apart :wink:

RevenueCat, AppFigures, App Store Connect, Plaid, Facebook Marketing, AppsFlyer.

Iโ€™m very familiar with all of their APIs (their private ones as well haha). Happy to answer any questions, although Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re an expert at this by know :joy:

would it be possible integrate with jenkins to have cards showing jenkins jobs statuses and information (count of tests in error, last build date etcโ€ฆ)
Configuration would be based only on jenkins jobโ€™s url.

Hi @aaubert - we can take a look at that!

Is the Jenkins job url publicly available? As I understand it, Jenkins is normally installed on a private server - if so would you provide an auth token for us to use?

Hi @Jake - thanks for posting! We can take a look at some of those for you - Facebook Marketing and App Store Connect are already in the pipeline, so Iโ€™ll let you know when those are done. Not heard of the others before, but

Is FitnessAI your app? Looks really cool! :+1: