Request an app or card integration ๐Ÿ™Œ

unfortunately i canโ€™t give you access to my jenkins instance. I donโ€™t know if one is somewhere publicly available but you may start one on your side very easily by just downloading app (jenkins.war) and run it in java or by using docker jenkins official image if you prefer.

Understood, we can do that to test the integration - but at some point youโ€™ll need to give access (via the Snapboard โ€œAdd Accountโ€ section) to your Jenkins server - otherwise we wonโ€™t be able to get the data for you.

Was just wondering how the auth worked for Jenkins, if you knew. Otherwise I can take a look myself :slight_smile:

Hello, Do you have any plans to integrate within Jenkins?

It would be great to monitor our failing builds as well as automation tests.

Really impressed by Snapboard.

If you could add an integration with Hotjar that would be awesome. Thanks for looking into that!

Hey @Joo - thanks for the suggestion! Iโ€™ve added a +1 for it. What exactly would you want to see from Hotjar?

Hey @hofst038 - where is your Jenkins server hosted? Is it behind an SSH?

@calummoore We are doing quite some polls across our website and I would love to keep track of them in one dashboard.
So I would like to see an overview of the different poll results, to answer your question a bit more specific.
If you could also include the hotjar heatmaps, that would combined with Google Analytics and the Hotjar surveys really give me a powerful overview.

CallRail for tracking the number of calls and how many of them were leads.

Ahrefs for SEO dashboards

Typeform integration to see stats on how many people have completed a survey. And what their score was

Hello! You started wonderful service!
It would be great to add


Please support to embed a chart dashboard into Coda doc.

Really appreciate Snapboard.

Hi Team, it would be great if we can get the email activity from SendGrid to see the number of mail opens and link clicks for the specific email messages or campaigns that we have.

Hey Iโ€™m not sure if this is still being actively updated, but if there was any chance to build in integration with Sybase databases that would be amazing!

Hi @so1us - yes it is. Iโ€™ll review it for our next sprint and let you know once its been scheduled!

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Hi there, I would love to see integration with Todoist and Splash

Youโ€™re a legend, thank you!